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CONCEPT Pure Hi Pure has manufactured & supplied a number of Ultraviolet Disinfections Systems Units to several clients in diverse industries. Our System is based on Quartz Technology. Disinfection by UV technology is excellent because it achieves near cent percent water purification without any side effect. It is economical and cost effective safe and convenient. It is used for the effective reduction of organics, commonly referred to as TOC (Total Oxidizable Carbon).

CONCEPT Pure Hi Pure is a Division of PREM AQUA FILTERATION Masters in UV manufactures since the year 2000. They have earned an excellent reputation of their products & services and have a lot of satisfied customers all over India and abroad.

Life depends on water. And now, more than ever before, business does too. Today’s fastest growing industries rely on the use of water in its purest state. UV System is used in all industries, electronics to pharmaceuticals, power generation to food and beverage, businesses that drive tomorrows economy require first and foremost quality water.

UV System provides better solution to prevent pollution and contamination of water. It is the conventional method of disinfecting water by Ultraviolet rays. In this method water flow through the SS Chamber and gets in contact with a submerged bank of germicidal lamps housed within quartz sleeves.

CONCEPT Pure Hi Pure recently developed UV Intensity Meter indigenously to measure the intensity of UV Lamp. UVC (253.7nm) wavelength is widely used to kill microorganisms in air, water and different liquids. UV application included water sterilization, commercial and industrial air cleaning, dry sterilization, medical tools sterilization and surface cleaning etc.

We import various types & brands of UV Lamps for all UV Systems as also other components such as Quartz Sleeve, Ballast, Filter Cartridge, etc. which are available ex-stock